10 Things You Want to Hear About Professional Limo Services Over Uber or Lyft

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August 11, 2020
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10 Things You Want to Hear About Professional Limo Services Over Uber or Lyft

It’s no secret that e-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have quickly grown in popularity over the past few years due to their accessibility. These companies did a great job at bringing ridesharing to your fingertips with their reservation and billing apps.

Meanwhile, steady and dependable as ever, limousine services are fast becoming more and more popular for everyday transportation. They have always been a fantastic option for people needing high-quality transportation for an event, trip, meeting, vacation, etc.

Now limo service is getting even more accessible for everyone – all offered via the soon-to-launch, best-in-class, one-stop Limo Search Engine Platform established to automate pricing estimates, reservations and payment processes between limo companies and passengers…QuoteMe.Limo

So, what’s the best option for you? Here are 10 things you’ll want to know before choosing your next transportation service:


1.)Professional limo chauffeurs and everyday rideshare drivers are as different as night and day. A “driver” is pretty much anyone that can operate a vehicle. Transportation service networks “TSN” services, like Uber and Lyft, have only the most basic requirements for one to start picking up fares, such as: Driver must be at least 21 years of age; Driver must own and operate a four-door vehicle, 2009 or newer; and Driver have a driver’s license and insurance. These bare-bones requisites may not be the most comforting to passengers.

In comparison, professional chauffeurs must meet far more rigorous requirements. Chauffeurs must have an excellent driving history, agree to background checks, obtain a chauffeur’s license, or pass specific driving tests – depending on the state. In cases where more than 16 passengers are to be transported, a chauffeur must apply for a commercial driver’s license, which is a federal regulation. Beyond all of that, many limo companies require special training, as well as a specific dress code or uniform.

2.)Regulations for ride-sharing services are softening. It is hard to determine the exact reason they are lowering their standards. Nevertheless, lowering the requirements for background checks is not a pro for consumers. Without more stringent regulations, you just don’t know who you are getting into a car with. In today’s society, people want every assurance possible that you are in safe hands. In turn, limo services must adhere to state regulations that give passengers peace of mind.

3.)You can expect a top-rated vehicle when renting a limo or executive car and can even check into the specific company’s ratings and history. As opposed to climbing into a rideshare driver’s personal car, limos and professional car services offer comprehensive fleets of insured vehicles that typically include executive sedans, limos, and luxury SUVs. Further, in some states, luxury car companies are required to have their vehicles available for inspection by the Department of Transportation. Conversely, TSNs are not mandated to adhere to specific vehicle maintenance protocols.

4.)If you’ve ever been in an automobile accident, you have likely experienced the long timespan and red tape associated with getting resolution. Have you ever wondered what happens if your Uber or Lyft get into an accident? According to Christine Pryor of Top Priority Injury Care, both driver and passengers are only covered if the app is on and the driver is logged-in. In other words, if there are connectivity issues or if the phone is not charged, passengers could be held responsible for any injuries they sustain. Many rideshare drivers are still not required to have commercial insurance, making your ride with a TSN possibly one of the costliest rides you have ever taken. On the flip side, limo companies must carry fleetwide insurance that covers passengers too.


5.)Accommodating a large group can be a challenge unless you use a limo or luxury car service. Have you ever been at a corporate event or a special celebration and decided to take the entire group out for dinner? A limo service is your best bet in order to avoid additional costs and chaos. Instead of a stress-free smooth transport, your group would have to quickly determine who rides with who when more than one vehicle is ordered. Let’s just hope there are no forgotten colleagues when you arrive at your destination.


6.)The common perception is that rideshare companies are less expensive than limo or executive car rentals – but did you know that pricing for TSNs is not consistent? The same ride from the airport can cost the rider a drastically different amount every time. Additionally, rideshare customers have complained of prices almost 3x the normal rate during special events such as conventions. There is certainly a lot to be said for knowing the cost of your limo rental up front.

7.)When you have several stops to make or need to make a day out of it…keep in mind, that with various options on how to book a limousine or luxury car, you can have the service for a set duration… So, if you want to break for a bite to eat, pick up friends, enjoy a stroll in the park, or hit your afternoon meeting, your limo can conveniently be waiting for you.

8.)Is customer service Important to you? Nowadays, most consumers are all about getting the best service as showcased by so many review sites commonly used for all kinds of businesses they frequent. When it comes to transportation, a limo service unequivocally provides the higher-level experience. Nothing compares to the comfort of a top-quality vehicle, a trained chauffeur, and the personalized attention you receive from a specialty company that places its focus on your comfort and safety.

9.)How do you feel about germs? According to a Netquote study, the backseat of a rideshare car can be nearly three times germier than the average toothbrush holder and more than 35,000 times germier than the average toilet seat. It can have 219 times more germs than a taxi service. A company that has such a large number of sub-contracted drivers with little accountability or supervision, cannot control the professionalism of all drivers at all times – that includes how often they clean their vehicles. Alternately, limo services are renowned for their ultra-high cleanliness standards, assuring that their vehicles are sanitized after every service and even providing white glove service if requested. Moreover, in current times, limos offer a great social distancing option and hygienic peace of mind.

10.)The popularity of rideshare services came from their accessibility. Auspiciously, in just a few months, Quote Me Limo is making it easy for you to book a limo and ride safely and in comfort with the click of a few buttons. In only three simple steps, you will be able to access a fast and accurate limo quote, confirm a reservation, and make a payment…right from your phone. You will be able to customize your bookings options like the type of car and its amenities. Plus, you will know ahead of time the terms and the pricing offered by each limo company.

The bottom line is that limousines are becoming more prevalent as word continues to get out about the benefits and comforts that limo services provide. Visit QuoteMeLimo.com to find out more and book your first ride with us when our consumer portal launches this fall.

QuoteMe.Limo is the first of its kind, search engine platform that automates the pricing estimates, reservation bookings, and payment processes between Limo Companies and passengers. Launching in September 2020, customers will be able to access QuoteMe.Limo online or via our mobile app that is downloadable FREE from your Apple or Android App Store.