Benefits of Professional Chauffeur Over a “Driver”

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September 2, 2020
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Benefits of Professional Chauffeur Over a “Driver”

You probably don’t put much thought into who is driving when you call for a transportation service. As humans, we intrinsically want to trust the people we deal with. Yet, did you know that there are monumental differences between a driver and a chauffeur? Most passenger pick-up services have the most minimal of requirements for “drivers” – making it permissible for just about anyone on the road, regardless of skill level, to be your next “driver.” Conversely, chauffeurs are must be specially licensed and professionally trained. Plus, chauffeur services are highly regulated, which certainly offers an elevated level of reliability and peace of mind for consumers when booking limos and executive car services.

Safety Protocols

According to, 43 percent of first-year drivers and 37 percent of second-year drivers are involved in automobile accidents in the United States. That number is reduced by 4.6 percent when first-year drivers take Advanced Driver Training. Even more lamentable are the statistics for auto accidents that end in loss of life. It is easy to conclude that the more training a driver receives, the better driving skills they will adopt. Even with these stats, many transportation service networks (TSNs) like Uber and Lyft require basically no safety training for their drivers at all.

In fact, many of these types of companies are pushing for more deregulation. They have actually encouraged cities like Toronto to eliminate safety training requirements that the city previously required for taxi drivers. One would think seeking more driver-training would be the goal rather than reducing restrictions.

Professional Training & Certifications

In comparison, chauffeurs have to adhere to more stringent parameters. A professional limo service chauffeur doesn’t just register on an app and start booking passengers. To be a chauffeur, one must have an excellent driving history, agree to background checks, obtain a chauffeur’s license, or pass specific driving tests depending on the state.

Advanced Driving Tests and defense-driving certifications are often required as well. In cases where more than 16 passengers are to be transported – such as with business groups, parties, family groups, and special events – they must apply for and maintain a federally regulated commercial driver’s license.

Some US States also require that one obtains a medical certificate to be allowed to carry passengers. Further, many limousine companies require chauffeur candidates to successfully complete a training period and they must follow a formal dress code.

Customer Service, Reliability, & Cleanliness

One easily distinguishable difference between the two is the way chauffeurs strive to exceed client’s expectations by providing excellent customer service and delivering consistent quality. Alternately, it’s no secret that the focus for ride-share drivers is to get as many fares as possible…making the level of customer service far below the limo standard. Surely most will agree that even the word chauffeur invokes the feeling that one will be well catered to while in their hands. For professional chauffeurs motoring for limo services and executive car services, it is important to dually focus on the customer and meticulously follow the rules of the road. Reliability is key. Safety and well-maintained vehicles are a priority. Hospitality is a core value. From being knowledgeable about the area; to making sure your selected vehicle is clean and sanitized; to helping with luggage, packages, and special requests – chauffeurs simply provide a higher level of excellence.

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