About Us

QuoteMe.Limo is the first of its kind world-class Limousine Service Booking Engine Platform that fully automates the pricing estimates, reservation bookings, and payment processes between Limousine Companies and Riders.


To provide Riders with a best in show, friendly Platform to get instant, competitive quotes within a single search, while promoting the continued growth of limo companies by generating for them new Rider bookings and revenue.

Our Business Model

From a business model perspective, QuoteMe.Limo can be compared to well-known airline, lodging, or car rental booking engines. Distinctively, we specialize in the limousine transportation services niche.

Our Value Proposition to Riders

Our value proposition to Riders includes:

  • Speed & Efficiency – featuring the ability to view all pricing offers collectively versus surfing the web company by company.
  • Variety – offering a wide selection of all vehicle types supported for every occasion and group size such as Sedan, SUV, Stretch, Van, Party/Limo Bus and Mini bus.
  • Competitive Pricing – having many Limo Companies jockeying for position to earn your business, that drives down costs.
  • Intelligence – showcasing easy access of detailed information about each limo company to make an informed booking decision such as ratings, safety background, terms and conditions and much more.
Our Value Proposition to Limo Companies

Our value proposition to Limo Companies incudes:

  • Security – As a Technology industry leader, QuoteMe.Limo, is consistently investing on your behalf through a myriad of marketing channels to generate bookings and revenue for you.
  • Independence – Featuring the ability on the platform to set your own pricing, terms and conditions and have full control of all booking monies by setting up an independent Merchant Account that eliminates any accounts receivables.
  • Value – Offering a comprehensive, streamlined, and robust back-office system with many features and functionalities to manage your business.
Our Platform

QuoteMe.Limo is the preeminent technology leader in the limousine services industry. Since we commenced development more than 3-years prior to going live, we have remained committed to making an ongoing and significant investment in this sector that ensures a continued betterment of the industry as a whole. Our platform is comprised of 10 independent systems that all work in unison to deliver dynamic innovation, featuring the most advanced databases and hosting infrastructure.

Our Marketing

QuoteMe.Limo promotes the Platform to generate Rider bookings through a myriad of Public Relations activities and Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc., as well as via online and traditional marketing campaigns. Our prime focus is centered-around the corporate and leisure markets.

Our Story

QML was conceptualized mid-year 2017 when Jim Wilson began assisting a friend, Mel Toro, the owner of RCLSLimo.com to develop a new limousine services website. What started out as a favor among friends turned into a pioneering opportunity poised to further evolve this segment of the transportation services industry. Mr. Wilson quickly recognized that the limousine services industry lacked having an end-to-end limo booking engine solution. He then charted a course to establish a fully automated platform, formed QuoteMe.Limo, contracted with world-class systems integrator IntelliMedia Networks to develop the platform, and launched the company mid-year 2021 with an emphasis on greatly benefiting riders and limousine providers positioned throughout the United States.