How to Keep the Spirits of Halloween Alive This Year

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October 5, 2020
November 2, 2020

How to Keep the Spirits of Halloween Alive This Year

It’s a chilly October evening. The rust-colored leaves rustle in the wind. There is an uneasy weight in the dusk air. For months, the world has been on lockdown.

Children whisper stories of creatures in the dark standing too close together…horror stories linger about toilet paper shortages…and a family jumps in the night when they hear a recently unfamiliar sound.

They stare simultaneously at the front door as, to their terror, the doorknob slowly turns. Soon they will be exposed…soon life as it’s been for the last few months will be over. The door creaks open, they brace themselves for what is on the other side…


Scary? Never fear! It’s just the limo service they booked, picking them up for an ultimate social distancing night of Halloween delights, fun, and frights! I mean, who isn’t excited to spend some time outside of home these days?

Summer is officially over, and Halloween is about to be in full swing. It may look a little different this year but, nonetheless, people everywhere are finding creative socially distanced ways to celebrate.

We are thrilled to share some ideas to keep your Halloween spirits high with these socially conscious activities.

Creative 2020 Halloween Things to Do:

1.)What’s Halloween without candy? Plan a CANDY EXCHANGE with family or close friends. Inexpensive cellophane treat bags can be filled with candy and Halloween stickers, stamps, plastic spiders, etc. It’s not your traditional Trick-or-Treating…but it might be better! You can get the same amount of candy for less work! Some families will also be taking time to clean candy wrappers before giving them to kids.

2.)If your neighborhood is allowing Trick or Treating, consider providing a HAND SANTIZING STATION on your porch. Position a table with a black tablecloth at least 6 feet from your front door. Fill a bowl with candy and add a bottle of hand sanitizer with a pump.

3.)Host a social distance neighborhood PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST. Each participating home can chip in $5 to be used to purchase a gift card to a restaurant. Set up tables at the end of each drive and carve away so everyone can enjoy each other’s company. Select at least three people that do not enter the carving contest to judge the designs.

4.)PORCH CONTESTS AND TOURS are going to be big this year. Many communities are holding porch decorating contests or tours. Halloween decoration sales are expected to go up 4% over last year. Which sounds to us like you are in for a festive treat. Check your community apps or Facebook groups to get a map of the homes participating in your neighborhood. Enjoy the ride in a limo driven by a professional chauffeur so everyone can experience the fun!

5.)A HAUNTED ATTRACTION TOUR may be just the ticket for a Halloween spent with close family and friends while getting to know your city’s history. You can reserve stretch limo or party bus to accommodate your entire party.

6.)Book a luxury car service for a chic HALLOWEEN PHOTO SHOOT. Start your day a little earlier so you can catch some natural light and hit some spooky spots in the evening. For years to come, you’ll have memories to cherish. In October, you’ll find an endless list of places that will provide the perfect backdrop for your photos.


7.)Many local restaurants and bars host a HALLOWEEN PUB CRAWL. I mean, a pub crawl is fun anytime of the year, don’t you agree? Ghost tours, haunted food tours, and haunted pub crawls are that take you on a journey to explore the creepy history of your hometown is a fun and unique way to spend Halloween. Reserve a chauffeured limo service so no one in your party worries about drinking and driving.

By taking the right precautions and being creative in “new normal” times nothing will stop you from having great holiday this Halloween. This is one time where breaking tradition may help you make unique memories to cherish…and maybe even new Halloween rituals.

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