Top Reasons to book a limo service this summer for drive-to vacations and local staycations!

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May 25, 2020
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Top Reasons to book a limo service this summer for drive-to vacations and local staycations!

It’s hard to believe that summer vacation season is here. Most of us are longing to share time around friends and enjoy life outside our homes for at least a little while. Yet, with all that 2020 has bestowed upon the world, our usual summer travels might look different this year. How about taking time to explore a nearby place that you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t?

Drive-to vacations have become a popular trend for summer getaways this year. As well, staycations – where you are a tourist in your own hometown – have fast become hugely popular, offering you the opportunity to get to know the lesser known gems and most revered attractions of your own local area.

So how can you make these styles of vacation even more special? A professionally chauffeured rental limo would be a perfection addition so that your vacation begins the moment you step out your front door.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider booking a limousine service or executive car rental to kick-start your ideal staycation or drive-to vacation and make it extra special at every turn:


Time is something everyone wants to stretch, especially when it comes to vacation time fun. When you let someone else do the driving with a limo rental, you literally get the chance to make the very most of your time. You get to enjoy extra time for relaxing, interacting with family and friends, and simply enjoying the drive. Keeping decisions simple also save time. Rather than having to plan out your route, paying for fuel, garnering wear-and-tear as well as excess mileage on your own vehicle, and the inevitable extra time it takes to caravan with other drivers, a limo service makes it easy – not only accommodate your party, but to keep everyone together. Plus, with the new QuoteMe.Limo on your side, you can access competitive pricing on all of your limo service needs directly online – saving you not only time, but money too!


Those hectic moments when you are trying to gather everyone before a trip or special occasion can be frantic. There will be no “Home Alone” moments to fear when everyone rides together. How much more at ease would you be before, during, and in conclusion of your getaway if you did not have to orchestrate who rides where – or do the driving yourself. Equally important, when you hire a limo service, you also benefit from the accreditation of a professional chauffeur to bring you added peace of mind.


The only thing more dangerous than being a distracted driver is sharing the road with other distracted drivers. Your staycation or drive-to vacation can start off on the right foot when you are catered to by a professional chauffeur. Further, your trip can come to a close as safely as it started with a designated driver to bring your party safely home after an action-packed getaway.


Have you ever been excited to arrive somewhere, but then you could not find a parking space? Whether heading to the beach, to a popular resort, to an amusement park, or attraction, drivers are all vying for the closest space. Imagine how appreciative your party will be with door-to-door limo service… you can get all of your beach toys or picnic essentials unloaded onsite; enjoy anxiety free moments with no circling a full parking lot; and save your energy for active outdoor fun instead of longs walks through a parking garage or under the sweltering summer sun.


Yes, traveling closer to home may be different than your typical summer adventure, but it certainly does not have to be lack-luster. When you book a professionally chauffeured limo service or executive car rental, you get to travel in style and comfort with all the perks of your selected vehicle style. From a stretch limousine, to a lavish sedan, to an upscale SUV – luxury car services provide an elevated experience, safety, and convenience that is unmatched by other types of transportation.

Whether it is for a drive-to vacation, staycation, daytime adventure, or a quick getaway opt for a limo to raise the bar on your experience and make each moment unforgettable every step of the way!