Restrictions Are Lifting… So, Will You Be Traveling this Thanksgiving Holiday?

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September 15, 2020
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Restrictions Are Lifting… So, Will You Be Traveling this Thanksgiving Holiday?

The pandemic changed the face of the travel industry almost overnight…and while travel was not completely banned, many summer vacations, family reunions and business trips were swiftly postponed or cancelled. Many of us were left wondering “when will all this be over?” Enter September 2020… pandemic cases decreased and hospitalization numbers went down even more. Many schools are now welcoming students in-person, shopping venues and movie theaters are seeing more traffic, and even bars and restaurants are reopening too. Further, while a percent of the population will wait a little longer before making Turkey Day plans with long-distance family and friends, many are ready to see loved ones and see something beyond the walls of their home.

In just the last few weeks, travel bans across the US have lifted. As quarantine mandates lesson, airline travel will rise. Of course, precautions are being taken everywhere. Airlines are no exception. Many airlines require passengers to complete a Travel Health Form. Plus, if you haven’t flown in a while, there are some innovations in place to help travelers stay safe.


From scanning your parking payment right from your phone to ticketless check-ins, you will have little need to come in contact with any surface. Kiosks have been rearranged for social distancing. Floor stickers give a gentle reminder to stay 6 feet away from the person in front of you. Before you enter the plane, airline personnel clean any surface you might touch. Seats, headrests, trays, and buttons are all disinfected before you board.

Interestingly, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) because of how air is circulated and filtered on airplanes, most viruses don’t spread easily on flights. The air on today’s aircrafts is replaced with fresh air every 2 to 3 minutes.

And filters trap 99.99% of particles. The actual design of a commercial plane, in which everyone faces the same way, also makes air travel a surprisingly safe form of travel.

With all these considerations in mind, it doesn’t seem reasonable to jump into a ride-share vehicle that may not have taken the same precautions. A Netquote study, showed that the backseat of a rideshare car can be nearly three times germier than the average toothbrush holder and more than 35,000 times germier than the average toilet seat. A ride-share vehicle can have 219x more germs on its surfaces than perhaps a limo service, which clean their vehicles diligently.

In current times, limousines and executive car services offer a great social distancing option. For some, taking an airport shuttle is just not an option yet. You and your family can rest easy knowing that your limousine company considers the health and safety of passengers, partners and employees their top priority. When you hire an executive car service or limo, not only are vehicles cleaned and disinfected, but so are the workspaces and offices from where your chauffeur originated. Ride-share options just simply do not have the ability to implement those types of precautionary measures and requirements.

If you find yourself missing your loved ones and craving mom’s mouthwatering cooking this holiday season, start searching for those great deals airlines offer when you book early and consider opting for a limo or executive car service – as an ideal choice for reliability and peace of mind…plus, great social distancing options available. Mom might love to take a ride around town once she catches a glimpse of your fancy ride. Hey, what better way to thank her for all of that delicious and indulgent noshing you are about to do!


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