Staying Positive During the Holidays in Today’s World

November 2, 2020
New Year’s Good Luck Traditions Around the World – Time to Kick 2020 to the Curb and Wish for Great Things to Come in 2021!
December 24, 2020

Staying Positive During the Holidays in Today’s World

You may think…What does a limo transportation business know about staying positive during the holidays in this unprecedented year? Well, here at QuoteMe.Limo we feel that we are all in this together.

Social Distanced Girls Night

On a day-to-day basis, we take great joy in providing limo services for all your travels…airport transfers, shopping trips, weddings, bachelorette parties, socially distanced events – such as Girls Night Out or New Year’s Eve Drive-by occasions (and so many more!)… we love being a part of your special days as well as fulfilling your everyday limo and executive car needs. We take pride in knowing that we make your business travels stress free by providing you stylish comfort and making your ride from business meeting to business meeting efficient.

We are honored that our customers trust how seriously we take their safety by promoting limo companies in our network that are highly trained and professional, and whose vehicles are inspected and carefully disinfected after every single use.

As business owners, we understand that implementing certain mechanisms to keep us productive and positive are imperative for a successful and well-balanced life. Here are some ways everyone can aim to stay positive throughout the holidays during these unprecedented times compiled by your friends at QuoteMe.Limo:

CREATE A SCHEDULE Quarantine life…did you EVER think this would be a term that we would use in our lifetime? People across the world have had to adapt to changes in their daily routine – which in a quarantine could mean somewhat of a disorganized and unfocused day.

Use a Weekly Planner to map out your week. Many business owners use this tool to keep a schedule and a productive routine. Weekly Planners or Plan Sheets are designed to help you balance your work and personal life. They also can help you plan more free time as well.

Especially during these times, we are being pulled in unusual directions. You may have determined the night before to write out a new contract or invoice your clients, only to have your day interrupted by 10 unplanned tasks. From work hours, to cleaning, to meetings, to family time to relaxation time, utilize your Weekly Planner or download a Weekly Planning Sheet template – easy to find online – to block out times for the different activities you need to accomplish during the day.

weekly planner

USE THIS TIME AS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Well over six months into the pandemic, you may have had your fill of cleaning, closet organization, and even streaming. While the rest of the world is still binge-watching their 19th series, order a book or download an audible copy of a book to help you grow personally or professionally. You can even find free copies of both at your local library. There are also tons of free webinars on the internet for whatever industry you specialize in.

Don’t wait until the New Year for a fresh start. If you are looking to learn a new skill or hobby, search YouTube for free tutorials covering everything from painting to guitar lessons.


CREATE A VISION BOARD Everyone should have a dream or vision board…a place where you draw or paste images of the desires, motivations, inspirations, and affirmations to help you create the future of your dreams. Do you sometimes find yourself wishing for a new home, a family vacation, or perhaps – love or additions to your family? It is easy to feel despondent wondering how you will manage your dreams when a crisis like this may be affecting your job stability or opportunities to get out and attain what you want.

A dream board or vision board creates an emotional connection with the things that motivate you. Having your dreams in front of you every day makes them more clear and more concrete. The more you visualize them, the more attainable they will feel. When you start to believe they can be real, it helps motivate you to take action to make them happen.

START A GRATITUDE JOURNAL There are many guided journals to choose from. But you can create a gratitude journal from a simple notebook. You can even decorate your journal using washi tape and stickers from your favorite craft store.

Gratitude journals help focus more on the positive aspects of our lives as opposed to the negative ones. An article published by Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being showed that people who spend a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes writing down the things that they are most thankful for before going to bed are more likely to get the right amount of restorative sleep needed for good health.

Create a nightly ritual to write down all the things you are grateful for each day, the blessings you’ve received, and the kind acts of others. Your journal can take on any form and evolve from one day to another.


WALK OUTSIDE Everyone knows that nature Is restorative. But have you ever wondered why? Research shows that just the sight of trees allows the parasympathetic nervous system to gain an edge, calming the entire body and making us more relaxed. Also, of course, walking promotes better cardio and bone health as well as, reduced blood pressure.

It may seem basic, but being in quarantine, along with the disruption of our usual routines, have made many people so inclined to stay home that they simply do not make the time to go for a walk.

With benefits such as reduced risk for diabetes and improved cholesterol levels, a daily outdoor walk will help combat a sedentary lifestyle. It will also help you feel less stressed and more focused. When looking for a way to stay positive, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT Let’s face it… life, whether it’s in a pandemic or not, can get mundane. We are all creatures of habit and sometimes doing something fun or adventurous with friends or family can instill a positive outlook. With the crisp air beckoning us outdoors, thank goodness there is still a lot to do this Fall. We created a Fall bucket list with ideas of how you can break away from the everyday and enjoy life this Fall. Click here to download your Must-Do Fall Activities Checklist. How about renting a cool stretch limo or hummer limo, ideal for today’s space and private small gathering requests – and share some holiday time safely with the ones you love?

LIMIT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA This may be our #1 recommendation. The news is important to keep up to date with what is going on in the world around us. Yet too many people these days get their news from editorial style content that is shared on social media platforms. If we are constantly glued to our devices that feed our minds with all the bad news out there, the world can begin to look very dark, very quickly. It is a smart practice to limit how much time we spend watching the news to reduce our sense of dread and overwhelm.

Fear and uncertainty have affected many people during this pandemic. We cannot control the world around us. However, we can focus on the positive aspects of our lives. These actions will help us stay positive, impact our overall well-being and see us through this pandemic and beyond.

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